Upullit has THREE yards . One NORTH, SOUTH and CENTRAL

Our Northern Yard is South Australia's largest self-serve Auto Dismantling Yard located at 89 Womma Rd Elizabeth..

Our Southern Yard is historically the home of Upullit Yards in S.A located at Meyer Rd, Lonsdale.

Our NEW Central Yard is South Australia's newest Self Serve Auto Dismantling Yard located at 133-139 Bedford Street, Gillman.

The Three Yards have a combined car stock of over 2057 cars and potentially Millions of Parts.
New cars enter Upullit every 28 minutes! We always have fresh new stock.

Bring your own tools and protective footwear.
$2 Entry Fee

Tyres – ALL $33 - $66, Batteries ALL $35 - $65, Radiators ALL $55 - $69, Starters/Alternators ALL $38.... we have S.A's cheapest prices.

Engine lifting facilities are on-hand as well as wheelbarrows to load up your goodies.

Watch the video at right to learn more about what to expect at Upullit.

All Yards are open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm.
Upullit is only closed Good Friday, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Boxing Day.

Phone 08 8255 7700 ELIZABETH
Phone 08 8382 1122 LONSDALE
Phone 08 8447 1200 GILLMAN


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Central NEW

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