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Upullit processes a car every 28 minutes and Upullit customers enjoy Adelaides Cheapest Pricing.

This means that stock moves in and out of our three yards quickly and at times vehicles can be stripped down very quickly by happy customers snapping up bargains. Sometimes cars only last hours in our yards, this makes it nearly impossible for us to have a 100% accurate online stocklist at any time. Please also be aware that the DATES in our stocklisting may appear in American date format (mm/dd/yyyy) on some computers.



UPULLIT , DO NOT remove parts from the yard before cars are available. Any parts removed from cars are done so to be placed in the relavent areas for your convenience. ie. Mags Tyres Batteries at the sales counter or rack.

All parts that come in on cars are available for sale!


By clicking here I aknowledge that the Upullit Online Stocklist is a guide only and is not guaranteed to be completely accurate at all times.


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